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Terms and Conditions

We consider all reservations as binding. You are still free to cancel your reservation up to 10 days before listed departure time. Cancellation after this point will not be refunded. Cancellations 10 days or more before listed departure time will be fully refunded, minus a 250 NOK per guest administration fee. From 20.12. to 4.1. no cancellation is possible, exept with medical attests.

If we have to cancel a confirmed program due to the weather-conditions we will do our best to reschedule to suit all parties. However if we are unable to reschedule the booked program, we will refund 100% of the total booking sum. 


The reservation should include your contact number and your full name. This will allow us to contact you if necessary.


If you are not able to meet the appointment or the number of participants has changed please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. If you know that you will be late please call us, otherwise we will start on schedule with any guests that are on time.


Please show up 15-20 min before the appointment so that we can give you all information and answer any questions that you may have.


All participants over 12 years (or 50kg) will get paired up and each team will get a sled. One is riding in the sled and the other will be driving. There is the option to switch half way.


Because of safety reasons we are not able to take children under 4 years with us for a trip. But children between 4 and 6 are able to ride in their parents lap in a sled. Children between 7 and 10 can ride the sled with a guide driving.

If you have younger children than 4 contact us, we may be able to organize a tailor made trip on gentler terrain, making an enjoyable but safe trip for the young children.


You are responsible for yourself and your family to wear proper warm winter clothing for the trip, including warm boots, gloves and a hat. If you don’t have proper winter clothing you can contact us in advance, we have some additional clothing available for hire. 


If neither of a sled team pair is over 50kg then it is not possible for you to drive your own sled. This is due to the requirement of having enough weight and strength to handle and STOP the sled if necessary. If you are alone, or your group has an odd number of adults, or you don't reach the weight limit, you will be teamed up with a guide, or another guest. 


All our dogs are very well socialized and friendly. However please don't run around or overly excite the dogs as the dogs are very exited and with running people the excitement even gets higher. This may result in injured dogs or people. Cuddling and photo opportunities with the dogs are possible after the trip or during the break. 

If we have to adapt the length of the trip due to snow conditions, weather conditions or for the health of our dogs, you will not get a compensation. 

Fjell-Huskies reserves the right to use any photo/video of trips organized by Fjell-Huskies without the expressed written/oral permission of those included within the photo/video. 


If you show up at the kennel visibly affected by alcohol or any other kind of substance, you will be told to LEAVE, without any refund.

With payment the guest confirms to have medical cover and insurance for any damages (personal/equipment) that could occur through taking part of their tour. The guest confirms that they take part in the trip at their own risk, Fjell-Huskies has no liability for accidents or injury.   

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