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Nowadays living in a big city, working in an office, doing the same thing every day like a robot, simply kills human’s soul. Many of us have enormous stress level in our whole body; have illnesses because of it. 

We live our life, doing our daily routine, and in the meanwhile we are losing our well-being and our balance as well. 

We all know something must be changed. 

Plenty of spiritual trends propagate the importance of well-being and the inner balance. These tends offer usually spiritual retreats also, of course.

But only a few of them mention the amazing healing power of animals. 

With our „Llama – trip” we offer the llama’s power you to be relaxed, focused, and renewed. 

On this tour you can experience what kind of feeling could be letting go all of your control freak attitudes, slowing down your mind and your movements, and just cooperating with the llama, with fully respect to his/her will. 

This tour will show you how difficult is to walk in the rhythm of llamas, otherwise how difficult is to slow down and be patient regarding any following situations. 

You must pick up on the llama’s vibe. 


Why llamas? 

The Ancient Andeans dreamed llamas into existence to communicate at the Soul level as our Speechless Brothers.

As "Speechless Brothers and Sisters", they were a part of the "Family", they lived with the people of the Andes. 

Of course the llama should know you and lose his/her fear of you first, but when it happened, through approaching, touching, feeding and leading you can easily connect with the llama’s energy. With this you get an extraordinary chance to let your stress behind, and take the feeling of joy, pure happiness, smile with you. This love, which you will be able to experience with a llama, is not about possessing. It is about fondness, unconditional love. 


Because of this really strong connection between the indigenous people of the Andes and llamas (and also nature), no wonder, that llamas occur in the mythology and astrology of the people of Andes also.

In the Milky Way - according to the Inca astronomy - a black void can be seen which has a shape of a Llama, called by Inca people the „Black Llama”, Yakana. A little llama baby can also be seen next to the big one. This Black Llama is the incarnation of all llamas and the most important star form of Milky Way to the indigenous people. 

According to the myth Yakana came down to the earth to drink from all of the natural springs and rivers of the world and the ocean’s water also because, otherwise, the world could flood. 

Is this not fascinating? 


Interact with a llama is not so easy. If you approach them with stress, anxiety and impatiently, they won’t walk with you. They act like they would be a mirror for us. They can perfectly show what is inside of you. 

Nowadays patience is not a common virtue of humanity. But it can be learned from animals, because they are not in a hurry, they live with the nature’s rhythm together. 


Walking with a llama is a real challenge then. 

Do you want to accept this magical challenge? 

If yes, don’t hesitate to contact us for details.


We offer this tour to everyone who want to reconnect to themselves and the nature, who want something magical, something different to experience, and those who want to taste what kind of feeling could be being in the present moment, who would like to learn about patience and themselves, and about unconditional, respectfully love.  

Simply, to everyone who want to slow down a little. 

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