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Welcome to our paradise​

2016 we decided to move from Switzerland to Norway to fulfill a lifelong passion to work with huskies. 

Andreas founded Fjell-Huskies and made our hobby to a profession. Beginning of 2021 his daughter Sirin and partner Petra joined the team and took over, they founded the Fjell-Huskies Adventures AS.

At Fjell-Huskies we have 50 beautiful and reliable pure breed Siberian and Alaskan Huskies. Each of them has a unique personality and are all exceptionally loving and friendly. Some are even racing dog and doing several hundreds of kilometers each year. 

By combining our passion for sled dog racing with tourism, we get a fit, strong, healthy team of dogs that are full of life and energy, and are eager to take you for a run. It also allows for us to compete in several sled dog races throughout the season if we have time. Work always comes first:-)

We have been competitive Mushers since 1989 and have experiences with sprint and long distance races.We competed in Skijøring races (on crosscountry skies with one or two dogs) and long distance races like Femundløpet, Mushsynfjell, Gausdal Marathon and many others.

In the category skijøring Andreas won several times the swiss championship and swiss cup, he was europe champion 1994 in Slovakia and vice world champion 1995 in Italy. With a team of dogs on the sled he was the best pure breed team on the Femundløpet 450km in 2014, Norway and 2020 he got the sportsmanship award in the Femundlopet.

Fjell Huskies is FCI (Fédération Cynologique International) approved. (Our registered kennel name is "Of Arctic Silence"). This means we can officially breed our own dogs with pedigree birth certificates and train them from cute and cuddly puppies to strong and reliable sled dogs, right here on our own farm.

Please take a moment to browse through our gallery  and see what we do here. But take our word for it, it is even better in real life! So come and join us for a once in a lifetime experience!


We will be happy to host you :) 

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