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May - October

Although winter is our main season because of sledding, we do not let you without “Fjell-Huskies experience” in summer as well. We offer you two kinds of trips in summer and you can choose which experience fits for your expectations better.



With our Husky-tours you are able to experience the speed and joy of our huskies feel, when they can go for a trip. It is an amazing experience, feeling the ancient spirit and the eager of them to go. If you need this high level energy in your life; if you would like to speed up your life, they can share with you their extraordinary enthusiasm. Come, and be a part of something ancient, energize your life with our beautiful huskies’ power.


Do you need a slower and calmer adventure? Do you think your essential need is to slow down yourself a little bit? Then come and take part on our Llama-tour. Walking with llamas through the forest up towards the Fjell is really a unique experience. We are sure you have never had such kind of adventure before. Keep calm, and walk with a llama!

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