HUSKY Sponsorship and Gift Cards

Hi, the Corona-virus is soon affecting everything in the world... and we prepared and trained all dogs since august last year for the actual season, where we normally should earn money for 3/4 of the year. Now all trips got cancelled and even we are ready for the trips we are not allowed to start them. The costs of food and veterinary (esp. vaccinations) we still have. With time it can be an existentiell issue for us and the 70 dogs. 

We can not offer trips now but we can offer you a Husky-Sponsorship. That means you will be the sponsor of your chosen dog, you get a nice picture in exchange and you always have free access to a kennel visit and a coffee/cake.


Sponsoring 1: food and veterinary for one month: 500 NOK 

Sponsoring 2: food and veterinary for three month: 1500 NOK 

Sponsoring 3: food and veterinary for one year: 5000 NOK (15% discount on a booked tour)

EVERY NOK is needed and a BIG THANK YOU for every support.

Photos you will find in the gallery under "THE DOGS". Send us an e-mail with your favorite dog and Bankaccount is: Sparebank 1, IBAN NO7018226459703, Swift: SHED NO22, Andreas In Albon

Because we can not offer trips we also offer to buy GIFT CARDS for the next season. This could be an good idea for a present.


At Fjell-Huskies we specialise in husky sled dog tours in the picturesque valley of Elvdalen in Norway (destination Femund Engerdal). Join us and all our lovely dogs as we explore the beautiful mountains and forests of this secluded area.


We promise you an adventure of a lifetime!

Before you go, make sure you follow us on our social media pages. We update them regularly with stunning pictures and announce any new offers so you never miss out.  

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